CMS Telehealth provides vital healthcare and safety monitoring solutions & products to meet the needs of patients, families, healthcare organizations, employers, providers and insurers in order to ensure improved outcomes and a reduction of unnecessary re-admissions; while providing independence and peace of mind that can reach almost any part of the globe.


CMS Telehealth offers essential services that enhance the quality of patient care and reduce patients'  length of hospital stay, hospital re-admissions and ER visits. CMS addresses the changes taking place in healthcare throughout the country, including: the need to treat patients with chronic conditions more proactively, primary care physician and nursing shortages, and shrinking budgets as a result of an adverse economic climate. Throughout the country these changes have adversely affected the delivery of usual inpatient and home care services, and it is the goal of CMS Telehealth to make the necessary changes and improvements working together with our clients to assure that patients receive the care they are entitled to.

Studies demonstrate connected health and remote telehealth monitoring solutions such as those offered by CMS Telehealth serve as extremely useful healthcare delivery tools that improve quality of care for those who require or benefit from close monitoring by their provider organization.

CMS utilizes the latest technologies and innovations in the telehealth and health information technology industries to offer our providers and customers comprehensive, streamlined and efficient solutions. We provide both hardware and software for consumers and clinicians and offer options for service delivery in the forms of service hosting or product licensing. 

CMS is unique in that we are the only one-stop Telehealth solution which includes complete installation, maintenance, education, training and integration of all our products as well as a 24/7 monitoring care center that is supervised by professional clinical and technical personnel.


  • Smooth transition for patients and their family upon discharge
  • Earlier recognition and intervention when a problem arises 
  • Customized phone & email alerts to notify family and/or physician
  • Reduced ER visits and hospital re-admissions
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